Making Your Bathroom Senior/ Disabled Friendly

Going into, using, and coming out of the bathroom safely can be a mission for the seniors and people living with disabilities. At Lion Ox, a leading home, kitchen, and bathroom renovations experts in Melbourne, we have picked up some of the best international standards over the years, when it comes to making a bathroom seniors and disability friendly.

Senior and Disabled Friendly Bathroom
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For anyone with impaired mobility and weak physical strength, using the standard bathroom can be not only exhausting, but also high in risk of injury. It is therefore imperative that bathrooms are made friendly for the relevant user, in order to avoid accidents, but also not to place too much demand on their caregivers. Below, we have listed some of the bathroom renovations tips if you are looking to make your bathroom seniors and disabled people friendly:

  • Get a detachable showerhead: A detachable showerhead is a priority consideration when making bathroom seniors and disabled people friendly. Given they might not be able to stand in the shower for long (or at all) while taking their bath. A detachable showerhead, fitted with a sprayer, will allow them easily take a bath while safely sited down. That also gives them more independence, while removing one more task their caregiver has to assist with.
  • Raise the toilet seat height: At Lion OX, we have observed from our previous clients that raising the toilet seat just a little – sometimes as less as three inches – makes all the differences to the seniors and people with disability. It is perhaps the most straightforward and cost-effective modification you can do to make your bathroom disabled people friendly. It could involve using a thicker toilet seat or replacing your current one with a ‘Comfort Height’ toilet.
  • Fit non-slip bath mats, rugs, and tapes: Bathroom-related injuries are not limited to just the seniors and disabled people. Some of the customers that come to us looking for bathroom renovations in Melbourne don’t have seniors or disabled persons in their homes. We recommend fitting non-slip mat inside the bathroom, non-slip rugs on the floor outside the shower, and non-slip tapes at the bottom of bathtubs and shower pans. These non-slip materials prevent accidents from slips in and around the bathroom.
  • Get grab bars and grab rails for your bathroom: Installing grab bars and rails near the shower, bathtub, and toilet seat make it easier for a senior or a disabled person to use the facilities with some level of security. They can grab on to the bars and rails and avoid slipping and falling. The bars and rails can also provide support to the caregivers if they need to give physical assistance to the seniors or disabled persons while in the bathroom.
  • Walk-in tubs and Curbless showers: If you are dealing with a senior citizen or a disabled person using a wheelchair, having curbs on their way to the bathroom is an additional challenge. At Lion OX, we recommend removing all the curbs so the wheelchair can freely roll in and out of the shower. We also recommend the new design walk-in tubs as opposed to the conventional bathtubs that require lifting of the legs to get inside.

Some of the bathroom renovations recommended above are simple DIY tips. However, we recommend having a professional do the job as they come with experience on not just the fittings and fixtures, but also the quality and durability of the supplies. For instance, you may install a grab bar, but do you know which brand will not break under the weight? If you are out looking for bathroom renovators in Melbourne, then Lion OX home, kitchen, and bathroom renovation are the guys to call.

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